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As a motorcyclist, I am aware of the constant danger rider are faced with; careless and day dreaming driver (or a driver busy on the mobile phone), animals that suddenly cross your path (black dog on a badly lit road) or other countless reasons. Heck, even a dead bird can do bad enough damage.
After your head, I think the second most critical part to protect is your upper body. Sure, you've got your hi-tec body armours, jackets, pants, pads and protectors. But your upper body can use some cushioning during a fall or impact.  For this reason, I started looking around the globe (www) for a good yet affordable solution. Most of the ones I came across were too pricey for myself and most riders on the road and they pretty much meant buying a new jacket altogether.
We'll I've found a very good and affordable solution to this...the MOTORAIR VERSATILE AIRBAG VEST. At more than 1/2 the price of what other manufacturers are charging, I want to get as many of my fellow biker better protected. In fact, the owner decided to come up with this solution after a motorcycle accident in 1996. Yes, they are one of the pioneers in this field and they even OEM for other famous brands worldwide...visit their site at
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